Kuil Lao Zi, 2010 : Tahun Harimau

Shot early Sunday morning with the bunch from the Kuantan chapter of  EOS DSLR Malaysia.

About 30 photographers and 4 models visited a temple at the outskirts of Kuantan town and shot a set to commemorate Chinese New Year 2010, the year of the Tiger.


A Long December

Nenek found them in a drawer in the kitchen.

Some pics taken in December 2009. See y’all next year!

Roses and Chrysanthemum

Some flowers and shit.

Canon 450D, Tamron 70-30 f/4-5.6 LD Macro, generic extension tubes, Sunpak PZ42X, Jianisi Triggers, Manfrotto 5001B

Harmo and Bubbles

1/125, f8.0, Tammy 17-50 at 50mm, ISO200, Sunpak PZ42X, PT-04TM Trigger


Yet another shot of my daughter. This time taken by her aunt using my 450D with a 70-300 Tamron.

1/400, f4.0, 70mm, ISO1600

1/400, f4.0, 70mm, ISO1600

Biawak Series: Under Old Furniture

300mm, f6.3, 1/200, ISO400

300mm, f6.3, 1/200, ISO400

Old Photographs

50mm, f/2.5, 1/20, ISO1600

50mm, f/2.5, 1/20, ISO1600