School Series: Platoon

Platoon, originally uploaded by I.M.A. Jalil.

In the scorching 3 o’clock heat of Wednesday by the canteen.


School Series: Intervensi

Grin, originally uploaded by I.M.A. Jalil.

He can doodle and copy text. But he can’t read. He copies things down in his multi-purpose notebook. Attends a remedial program called Intervensi, currently on lengthened hiatus due to budget cutbacks.

School Series: Netball Team

Netball Team, originally uploaded by I.M.A. Jalil.

Having a short break during practice. Their coach is blowing me a kiss. The under-15 team won gold at district level and currently competing for the state trophy.

School Series: Grassroot Footballer

Grassroot Footballer, originally uploaded by I.M.A. Jalil.

One of the kids at my school. An academic underachiever, bunched together with the rest of the supposedly ‘disruptive’, ‘maladjusted’, ‘problematic’ kids in his class. Here he is, listening intently to his coach after a match with a neigbouring school.


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Pure Mornings

A series of sunrise cloudscapes captured last weekend in Pantai Batu Hitam and from the Tanjung Lumpur Bridge.