Walk on Water

seabiscuit2Tv: 1/200, Av: 5.0, ISO: 800, Focal Length: 39.0mm, WB: Shade.

Again an over-exposed image shot in RAW readjusted in Canon’s Digital Photo Professional. A cooling filter was added to boost the blue background and some colour adjustment/resizing using Photoshop CS3 during post production.


Dark Faith

mosqueTv: 0.3, Av: 5.6, Exposure Compensation: -1, ISO: 800, Focal Length: 55.0mm, WB: Cloudy.

This was taken from the top-floor parking lot of a local shopping mall. I’m quite proud of the fact that I shot this without a tripod and obtained okayish results despite the slow shutter speed. Noise reduction was applied in iPhoto and resized using Photoshop CS3.

I need a bigger telephoto lens! Maybe a 17-300mm?